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Conolus Scott Jr. (Candidate for Georgia State Senate District 47)


May 22, 2024


The primary is over and Conolus Scott is now the Democratic Candidate for State Senate for the 47th District of Georgia. The people of the 47th District deserve a senator who will put their interests first, not their own political agenda or bank account.

     His opponent, Frank Ginn, has been in office since 2012. During that time, Ginn has shown himself to be a partisan politician who caters to special interests rather than listening to the concerns of everyday citizens like you.

     It's time for a change. As your state senator, Conolus will bring honesty, integrity, and respect back to our district. He will work tirelessly to address the issues that matter most to you and your family - things like creating good-paying jobs, improving our schools, and ensuring access to affordable healthcare.

     To make this vision a reality, he needs your support. Please vote for Conolus Scott in the upcoming election, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. Every vote counts in this race. Together, we can put an end to partisan politics and get back to the business of governing for the people.

     Conolus also humbly asks for your financial support. Click on the Donate Button to make a donation of any size. Your contribution will help get his message out and ensure that the 47th District has the independent-minded, community-focused leader it deserves.


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